Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Alri pop, die mooiste pop wat ek nog ooit gehad het.
My cowboy en Lehman

Tyd vlieg verby....die kinders word te vinnig groot,

maar ons bly steeds toegevou in Sy liefde!!

Alri (7 1/2), Mike (6) en Lehman (2 1/2)

Die wonderlikste man in my lewe!!!

Mike, ons ou boerseun...farmer Mike

Mamma Tina en Lehman, so lekker om te "cuddle" na 'n warm bad.

Time grow up too quick,

but we all remain in HIS love....

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Alri's 7th Birthday

Ons Prinses word Sewe / Our Princess turns Seven

A Strawberry cake with fresh strawberries....sorry you could not taste it, it was YUMMY!!!
It was such a nice, warm day, the kids played slip-a-slide and with their $1 "FANCY HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL" sunglasses pretend they were all grown-up. Even Mike had fun with the girls...boy alone between 5 others!!!

Kinders aan die speel/ Children at play

Mike (5) can ride his "two wheeler" and does it ALL DAY long.

Those tractors from Africa is the best toys....
Oupa Mike die trekkers word elke dag bespeel en is nog nie eens stukkend nie. Komplimente na Oom Ben....
Telling ya, the more dirt, the better.
Busy building their fort.

Always fun at the Lindeque house....the dirtier, the better.
Want to guess the amount of sand and dust in this house????

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Miss Hannah Montana, alias our princess Alri, in her Halloween outfit.
Mike's fifth birthday and his tractor cake that Mommy baked.

Lehman and his friend Isaac at the beach, just having so much fun.

Paul and I went to Texas for our 10th anniversary...this was in San Antonio at the riverwalk, just beautiful and so romantic......
A few of our 2008 Highlights:
Praise God for all His blessings during 2008 and may He be our Highlight of 2009.
Happy New Year to you all.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas up in the snow

The Seqioua National Park with it's giagantic Red Wood trees remains a favourite place for Paul and me. This time we enjoyed it in the snow and it was just breathtaking beautiful.

The kids was so warm they could bearly moved, but we played and laughed and had so much fun.

Our San Diego friends, Mark and Jilly, came to visit and went with us. Their kids had never played in the snow....
May the peace of God be with you today and everyday.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

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The Reed visit

A visit from the Reed kids.....
The city slickers, Adam and Caleb, trying their hands on electric fencing.....they did a great job.

The stakes and hammer...the auwiiee finger and the bloooodddly blister. We won't tell who's the owner of both these fingers.....
William and Mike raked leaves 'till they dropped....

William got tired of leaves dropping onto his "clean raked ground" so he got up into the tree and started picking them off....
The girls, on the other hand, had fun with the foot spa and pedicures...and so did Lehman..... enjoyed the bubbles. Rachel (in the back)helped me by putting stamps on our Christmas cards.

Alri's nails after the pedicure

O and did I mension the girls watched "Another Cinderalla Story" movie not once or twice, but three times...

The animals was fun for everybody, Lehman's favourite is the Lama
The girl's had so much fun and so little sleep.....
(William is not the only one who likes fire, Christene.....)
Lehman helped folding laundry...or should I say he helped us folding double laughing at him.