Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Alri's 7th Birthday

Ons Prinses word Sewe / Our Princess turns Seven

A Strawberry cake with fresh strawberries....sorry you could not taste it, it was YUMMY!!!
It was such a nice, warm day, the kids played slip-a-slide and with their $1 "FANCY HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL" sunglasses pretend they were all grown-up. Even Mike had fun with the girls...boy alone between 5 others!!!

Kinders aan die speel/ Children at play

Mike (5) can ride his "two wheeler" and does it ALL DAY long.

Those tractors from Africa is the best toys....
Oupa Mike die trekkers word elke dag bespeel en is nog nie eens stukkend nie. Komplimente na Oom Ben....
Telling ya, the more dirt, the better.
Busy building their fort.

Always fun at the Lindeque house....the dirtier, the better.
Want to guess the amount of sand and dust in this house????