Monday, November 3, 2008

Paul and I--- 2 Indians in Love

This picture was taken of us during our visit to South Africa (Jan '08).

Our kids were having fun with face painting and decided that we should join the club.

Did I mension we are celebration 10 wonderful years of marriage this year? ( I Love you more than ever, Paul!!)


Can't leave the Princess of the house out....she needs to be on the web too..
God has blessed us with such wonderful, energetic kids. Praise Him forever!!

This is Mike and one of his and Daddy's many "zoo-animals" that
we have..
Skillie die Skilpad/ "Skillie" the Tortoise

Thank you to my new friend, Christene, who is so patient in helping me to start my blog.

Lehman had so much fun discovering the mud, here's another picture of him...
Once upon a time.....

there was a little boy

who needed to discover lots of things.....
including MUD, lots of mud....
and he lived VERY happy in it.